Investigation of crustal deformation of Iznik-Gemlik segment of North Anatolian Fault

Project Manager: Dr. Onur Yilmaz
Project Start Date: 2016
Project Budget: 31045 TL


North Anatolian Fault Zone is one of the most interested working area by the geoscientists. Geodesy Department of Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute at Boğaziçi University has carried on so many scientific projects with the support of BU-Scientific Research Projects Fund since 1990. These projects were primarily three conventional geodetic techniques, then  GPS technique for the geodynamic purposes.. Episodic GPS observations have an importance of contributing to the assesment of seismic hazard for the related region.
GPS technique provides very valuable supports to have information about earthquakes in each step of seismic cycle. Co-seismic movements depend on the amount of slip and the depth of the earthquake. GPS observations enable us to get strain accumulating across locked faults and to help us better evaulate the seismic potential of the region of interest.
In the scope of the proposed project, it is aimed to make observations in Iznik-Gemlik region which has rarely  been studied by earth scientist,and to examine the change in the magnitude of the velocity vectors, and to identify the current velocity field and strain accumulation through profiles.