2019-2020  I. Semester Courses and Schedule

  GED 507.01  Geodetic Linear Estimation Theory   (H.Özener)

  GED 511.01 Fundamentals of Surveying & Mapping (H.Özener)

  GED 516.01 Fundamentals of Geodesy  (A. Doğru)

  GED 535.01  Gravity Measurements  (O.Yılmaz)

  GED 579.01 Graduate Seminar (H.Özener)

  GED 590.01 Selected Topics in Geodesy (H.Özener)

  GED 594.01 Sel.Tp. Earthquakes and Faults (F.Bulut)

  GED 690  M.Sc.Thesis




MSc dissertations

Topic Student Advisor Year Comp. Abstracts
Study of the Density of the Earth Crust For the Evaluation of Geodetically Derived Quantities of GPS Onur LENK Onur GÜRKAN 1990 N\A
Stochastic Models of Local Horizontal Networks for Geodynamic Problems Haluk ÖZENER Onur GÜRKAN 1992 N\A
A Study on Reliability Limits in Structural Engineering Surveying Yusuf YAZAR Onur GÜRKAN 1993 N\A
Settlement and Deformation of  Küçüksu Pavilion Gülfem BUYUKYUKSEL Onur GÜRKAN 1993 N\A
Second Order Design of Geodetic Networks Onur YILMAZ Onur GÜRKAN 1993 N\A
Monitoring of Vertical Displacement During the Construction of incirli Tunnel of Istanbul Light Rapid Transit System Ahmet UNLUTEPE Onur GÜRKAN 1994 N\A
A Geodetic Database Design-Architecture Ayfer KAYNARCA Onur GÜRKAN 1994 N\A
Deformation Analysis by Terrestrial Photogrametric Technique Iskender IGDIR Jürgen FRIEDRICH 1995 N\A
Datum Transformations Yasemin KUZU Onur GÜRKAN 1996 N\A
Transformations in Close Range Photogrammetry Remzi PETEK Jürgen FRIEDRICH 1997 N\A
Interactive Earthquake Information on the Internet Taner SELÇUK Onur GÜRKAN 2001 N\A
Near Shore Batyhmetric and Topographic Surveys in Marmara Sea Emine Öner GERMEN Haluk ÖZENER 2006 öğretim izlences
Network Design and Optimization for Deformation Monitoring on Tuzla Fault-İzmir and its Vicinity Kerem HALICIOĞLU Haluk ÖZENER 2007 öğretim izlences
Analysis of strain accumulation of the faulting zones by the help of continuous GPS stations Asude ARSLAN H. Onur YILMAZ 2007 öğretim izlences
Analysis of total crustal deformation by the comparison of terrestrial and GPS measurements in the Marmara Region Gözde AKAY Haluk ÖZENER 2007 öğretim izlences
Determination of velocity field and strain accumulation of densification network in Marmara Region İlke DENİZ Haluk ÖZENER 2007 öğretim izlences
The Design and Use of Continuous GNSS Reference Stations Özgür AVCI Haluk ÖZENER 2007 öğretim izlences
Accuracy of GPS precise point positioning (PPP) Simge TEKİÇ Uğur ŞANLI 2009 öğretim izlences
A unified approach in GPS accuracy determination studies Didem ÖZTÜRK Uğur ŞANLI 2009 öğretim izlences
Analysis of preparedness and response to earthquake risk of Beşiktaş district using GIS Ayşegül ÖZTURAN AKŞİT Haluk ÖZENER -
2009 öğretim izlences
Investigation of Crustal Movement Along Tuzla Fault - Izmir Aslı SABUNCU Haluk ÖZENER 2010 Abstract
Determination of Strain Accumulation Along Tuzla Fault Emre HAVAZLI Haluk ÖZENER 2012 Abstract
Recent Velocity Field in Eastern Anatolia from a Combination of Continous and Campaign Type GPS Observation 2013 Ömer FARİSOĞULLARI Haluk ÖZENER 2013 Abstract
Investigation of Post Seismic Deformation in Karliova (Turkey) inferred from InSAR analysis Koray HORASAN Aslı DOĞRU 2013 Abstract
Time Series Analysis of GPS Permanent Stations Around East Anatolian Fault Wumiti JULAITI Semih ERGİNTAV 2016 Abstract
Medium-Term Coastal Morphology Change in the Southwestern Black Sea Nick LIBASSI Haluk ÖZENER - Aslı DOĞRU 2017 Abstract
Installation of borehole strainmeters to monitor North Anatolian fault near Istanbul Osman BAL Haluk ÖZENER 2018 Abstract
Interaction Between Atmospheric Conditions and GPS Accuracy: A Case Study from Istanbul Ayça ERASLAN Aslı DOĞRU 2019 Abstract
Recent Velocity Field in Western Anatolia from Continuous GPS Data Tayfun KAYNARCA Haluk ÖZENER 2019  
Characterizing Deformation of Istanbul Wall by Geodetic Terrestrial Laser Scanning Maryna BATUR Aslı DOĞRU Continue  
Global Relation Between Earthquake Occurrence and Tectonic Slip Rates İpek SARIBAŞAK Haluk ÖZENER Continue  
Slip Deficit on the Tuzla Fault (İzmir) based on GPS Measurements Bengisu GELİN Fatih BULUT Continue  
Earthquake Potential of East Anatolian Fault Kaan Alper UÇAN Fatih BULUT Continue  

PhD dissertations

Topic Student Advisor Year Comp. Abstracts
Conversion of Data Structure in Geodetic-Geographic Information System Hakan SARBANOGLU Onur GÜRKAN 1995 N\A
Local Area Differential GPS Applications Secure Navigation Along the Bosphorus-Istanbul Onur LENK Onur GÜRKAN 1997 N\A
Monitoring Regional Horizontal Crustal Movements by Individual Microgeodetic Networks Established Along Plate Boundaries Haluk OZENER Onur GÜRKAN 2000 N\A
An Investigation of Strain Accumulation in the Western Part of North Anatolian Fault Zone. Onur YILMAZ Onur GÜRKAN 2000 N\A
Monitoring Vertical and Horizontal Displacements During the Construction of Izmir LRTS Tunnels Ahmet ÜNLÜTEPE Onur GÜRKAN 2002 N\A